At VÓCALI we have applied our capacity for innovation and development to creating semantic processing and technologies for understanding natural language. Our goal is to build intelligent systems, which are able to manage information on a semantic level and to exploit this for the benefit of our clients.

Whether this is through our technological lines or through specific products, VÓCALI employs the latest techniques in web semantics and language processing in an innovative way within the fields of business search, semantic management of contents, voice control interfaces, opinion mining or virtual assistants.

In VÓCALI you will find a partner who allows you to manage your corporate data more efficiently, through the creation of a more intelligent system to meet your present and future needs with regards to document exploitation, in whatever format.



PIPE Program
VÓCALI has been accepted into the Plan for Initiation in Overseas Promotion, organized and run by the Spanish Institute of Trade...


INVOX was awarded the prize for the Best Work in the Field of Integration Technology during the last KNX AWARDS SPAIN held...
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